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SELCO controls infrastructure with focus on Sanitary applications, utilizing sensors, app & cloud technology.


SELCO enables modern sanitary infrastructure applications to be actively managed based on SELCO sensor technologies. Our offerings cover a broad selection of installations: All aspects of sanitary, water supply and piping infrastructure, as well as fresh water and waste water management.

We provide the necessary sensors, interfaces, application scenarios, app, or cloud solutions to improve processes and services in and around the building, thereby improving efficiency and thus saving resources and generating revenue for our customers.

How does the SELCO solution work?

Selco solution

The backbone of SELCO’s product offering is our standardized S/NET product line platform as an open SELCO ecosystem for infrastructure applications. Imagine a combination of various sanitary sensors, e.g. innovative electronic urinals, WCs, or shower products which are meshed with functionally supportive room monitoring, pressure monitoring, leakage monitoring, thermal disinfection, wastewater management, hygienic monitoring, ventilation, air conditioning and more. This integration forms an effective IoT or building automation system-based infrastructure management.

Platform module kit



For SELCO, the sensor serves as the core backbone of our applications world. We carefully select the appropriate technology for each application from a broad portfolio of sensor technologies.

Our core competences include HF / radar, active infrared, time of flight, capacitive, and temperature sensors. Additionally, we integrate other sensor technologies using third-party components (pressure, flow, air quality, etc.).



S/CTRL is the optional platform controller unit that implements application logic and connecting sensor, actuator, and user interface components to create an application specific system.



SELCO products are modular. Based on the S/NET, sensor system components are combined to form high-performance systems.

Standard modules include sensors based on various sensor technologies (S/SENS), communication adapters (e.g. S/BLUE), control units (S/CTRL) and gateways (S/GATE).

IoT Devices, App & Cloud


We offer all the necessary interfaces and components to connect sensor products with each other, with an app, a cloud or a building management system.

The basis for this connectivity is the S/NET sensor interface, serving as the internal backbone of the sensor systems and as a protocol extending to the mobile app or cloud.


Selco solution

Products for tap applications

SELCO offers miniaturised platform based Active Infrared or Time of Flight sensors for aerator or body positioned mounting – combining sensor & electronics in one small casing, with or without full IoT capabilities, depending on your product strategy. Thanks to the miniaturisation, we can retrofit into any existing casing design that you may have. Should you need touch buttons / panels or temperature sliders for TMVs – please contact us.

  1. ToF sensor (usage detection)
  2. Gesture sensor (temperature selection)
  3. IR or ToF sensor (usage detection)
  4. Waste pipe (blockage sensor)
Selco solution

Products for urinal applications

Our SELCO urinal products encompass a wide range of installation and sensor alternatives – whether hidden or visible, wall-, ceramic- or siphon mounted. Capacitive, Temperature, Active Infrared, Time of Flight, or HF / Radar. Regardless of your infrastructure type, we have a suitable solution for you, with or without full IoT capabilities.

  1. Water pressure measurement
  2. IR or ToF sensor (person detection)
  3. HF sensor (person detection)
  4. HF sensor (urine detection)
  5. Siphon sensor (urine detection)
  6. Waste pipe sensor (blockage detection)
Selco solution

Products for WC applications

From exposed cistern solutions or inwall WC products – SELCO provides a wide range of flush plate or flush button sensor solutions for wall-mounted or cistern-mounted installations. Choose from Capacitive, Active Infrared, Time of Flight, or HF / Radar sensors, with or without full IoT capabilities. Opt for sensor / electronics only or full products ready to install.

  1. Electronic flush plate - IR, ToF, capacitive etc.
  2. HF or ToF sensor (presence detection)
  3. Waste pipe sensor (blockage detection)
Selco solution

Products for shower/ bathtub & spa applications

SELCO offers entry-line Piezo buttons for activating shower, bathtub or spa functions or enhanced touch panels for higher-end applications as well as related sensor products for wellness applications – all available with or without full IoT capabilities.

  1. Presence sensor for thermal disinfection
  2. Electronic shower panel with electronic TMV
  3. Hydraulic TMV with ToF sensor
  4. Piezo push button
Selco solution

Products for other sanitary applications

Are you in search of sensor enhanced soap dispensers, hand dryers, paper dispensers, handicapped / barrier-free or mirror / lighting related sensor applications within the bathroom? Please contact us. We have a selection of sensor products available, as always, with or without full IoT capabilities.


What is different about SELCO?

WE'RE A START-UP with 100+ years of team experience innovating and understanding the industry.

Our extensive expertise lies in defining, developing, and industrialising sensors and electronic applications – hardware, software, interfaces, communication & cloud. SELCO products are always IoT ready, ensuring swift connectivity to app and cloud (or BMS) for efficient infrastructure management and any related value applications.

Real plug and play as well as interoperability of all devices for a fast installation are crucial. Our products are update-ready, adaptable for various uses and installations, self- learning where necessary, and offer maximum level of connectivity to any relevant interfaces. AND: Fast time to market due to our consequent platform approach.

Selco solution

„A good product unfolds its beauty over the lifecycle“.

SELCO Managing Director Innovation,
Dr. Michael Fritzsche

Fast Time-to-market
Fast Time-to-market

Thanks to our platform strategy, our average time to market for bespoke products is mostly below 6 months, from specification to serial delivery.

Real plug & play
Real plug & play

Our products offer fast and easy installation and monitoring – zero complexity approach.


We provide extensive open interfaces to the industry / to BMS with easy integration of third-party IoT or other products.

IOT Ready / MESH
IOT Ready / MESH

Bluetooth-enhanced products with app functionality and optional cloud connectivity for fully connected and meshed bathroom applications.

Updateability & Adaptability
Updateability & Adaptability

Lifecycle monitoring of installed devices ensures functional updates and modular exchange strategies.

Integrated AI
Integrated AI

Enhanced AI implementation for value-added applications that generate service revenues, resource savings, or time advantages.

Offline functionality
Offline functionality

Optional features for offline functionality and security.

Green design
Green design

Green product design and green modularity, including usage lifecycle analytics and reuse strategies, ensure an optimised ecological footprint.


Fresh out of the box:

SELCO founders Sven & Jakob bring together 100+ years of focussed innovation experience, creating a perfect blend of young talent and experienced professionals. Founded in 2023, the team currently comprises of 14 members and is growing, with an extensive network of industry / product experts at hand. With a strong track record of over 100 projects turned into products in building automation applications in the last 20+ years.

Our Motivation: Building better infrastructure applications.

Where are we located? Chemnitz, Germany, in the prestigious "Schönherrfabrik“, a hub of innovation close to the Saxon Silicon Valley, Europe’s largest industrial cluster for electronics, microchips and sensors. Join us on our journey into the future!

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